Decoding Three Important Causes of Weight Gain

Decoding Three Important Causes of Weight Gain

Decoding Three Important Causes of Weight Gain

Remember those fad diets from the early 2000s? There were the weird soup diets, the juicing diets, the all water diets and more ridiculous unhealthy concoctions all based on the notion that weight loss is a simple matter of calories in and and calories out. One thing that contemporary science absolutely supports is the notion that weight gain is a complex issue of numerous factors working in tandem to influence the way your metabolism works. We’ve put together a breakdown of three factors that significantly impact weight gain and the latest innovations for improving your weight-loss potential for a happier, healthier you. 


The great Houdini of weight gain is stress and the toll it can take on our bodies. Every day, we experience situations that upset us and stress us out. So, how are these experiences making us overweight? When the body is placed under physical or emotional stress, chemicals in the brain signal to your body to react. Say you get in an argument, your palms sweat and your heart rate changes, amongst other things. The resulting reaction also signals to your caveman biology that it may be time to engage in fight or flight. This leads to your body prioritizing saving itself over digestion and its own metabolism. Prolonged periods of stress lead to the body simply existing in this state of suppressing its own metabolism, immune system and healthy brain function in order to conserve energy. 

Additionally, during times of stress, our bodies begin to produce more cortisol and less ghrelin. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for feelings of hunger as well as signaling to the body to hold onto weight for later use. Ghrelin is responsible for feelings of satiety and telling your body when it is full. With the combination of these processes taking place, an upset person is more likely to engage in overeating, not know when to stop eating and accumulate fat much faster than normal because your body desperately craves the energy to store for later. 

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Lack of Sleep

So you’re stressed out and your body is putting on weight. Now you are so anxious that you spend all day upset and have trouble sleeping at night. The resulting lack of sleep is further forcing your body to conserve energy with weight gain and create a chemical demand for more energy in the form of food. 

Let’s also talk about the emotional rollercoaster of being tired. For many of us, self soothing in a state of fatigue can often include eating. Going from night of insomnia to another night of insomnia while overeating to feel energized is a perfect recipe for weight gain. The logical reaction is to just not overeat when we are exhausted, but when has stress ever led to logical decisions? Therein lies the problem. Fatigue can significantly impact our ability to think rationally due to a storm of chemical reactions impacting neurotransmitters in the brain working overtime to try and keep your exhausted body going. The newest frontier of research in weight loss is unfolding the complex interactions that fatigue has on our brain and how these interactions signal our bodies to gain weight. 

This new research indicates that neurotransmitters in the brain need sufficient rest and energy in order to facilitate healthy reactions to stress. Once these transmitters have been impacted by feelings of being upset and struggling to sleep, finding a proper balance can be difficult and may only worsen with continued fatigue. 

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Poor Diet

It may seem like a no-brainer that eating badly leads to weight gain. However, it’s important to consider what unhealthy eating is doing to your body now that you have the increased weight-gaining effects of stress and lack of sleep. The already ill effects of eating a McHamburger is now even worse because your body is practically primed and ready to simply just convert your meal to fat and further increase your levels of stress, fatigue and general unhappiness. 

It is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle in times of stress. Eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods to maintain adequate energy levels will give you the edge to make the best decisions for yourself and help you stay on track to reaching your weight-loss goals. It is also important to remember that healthy vitamins and nutrients are the building blocks for biological responses that affect your emotions. A happy diet means a happy life! 

For lots of really great resources for embracing a healthy lifestyle in times of challenge, don’t forget to speak with a SlimGenics Program Advisor! And don’t forget to try new Relax-Repair Sleep and Hormone Support with Cortidrenal-Slim Natural Stress Buster for the latest innovations in weight-loss and healthy weight support.


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