How To Choose the Right Weight Loss Plan For You

How To Choose the Right Weight Loss Plan For You

The number one thing we hear from clients is: “I’ve done different programs, shakes, meals, and more. Nothing has ever really worked for me. Why?” And every time we hear this question, I want to hug that person and sit them down to get the answers they deserve finally. Today we are doing a deep dive on how to choose the right weight loss program or plan to get the results you deserve. To start, let’s talk about the difference between true healthy weight loss and predatory parlor tricks that some companies can engage in. 

Beware of Fad Diets

When it comes to weight loss, you want to find a program or plan that is not promising the impossible in a short period of time. Whenever I see ads on Facebook for companies saying that a paid model lost 60 lbs in 3 weeks, I want to shove my computer in the trash can. This is the difference between fad diets and authentic weight loss programs. Fad diets exist to lower the number on the scale by a few pounds through water loss and dangerous depletion of nutrients. These kinds of diets aren’t actual weight loss because the second you eat normally or differently, the weight comes right back because it wasn’t really fat loss. It was a trick. Diets like those prey on the notion that people who are unhappy with their bodies will fall for five pounds of water loss or worse, increasingly unhealthy or even dangerous practices that can do far more harm than good. For every excellent weight loss resource that exists, there are easily ten more that are false, uninformed, and worst of all, going to take you further away from your goals. So, lesson #1: If a program or plan is promising the impossible, run. 

The Focus is Fat Loss Through Healthy Means 

When it comes to weight loss, what we are talking about is fat reduction over time. By reducing excess fat on your body, you will see true weight loss that can be more easily maintained over time. When looking for a weight loss program that will work, you need to be looking for a comprehensive program that creates reasonable fat loss through a program of eating that fuels your metabolism and supports your overall health. Deprivation, starvation, eating only foods ending in B… those are all great ways to damage your metabolism and cause further weight gain. Since 2003, we have known one thing to almost always be true: You have to eat well to lose weight and create fat loss that is sustainable over time. Find yourself a program that focuses on fueling your health, supporting your metabolism, and creating fat reduction through healthy means.   

Your Weight Loss Program Has to Work For Your Lifestyle

No one wants to eat six lettuce leaves and a handful of nuts for the rest of their lives to be ‘thin’. It’s unhealthy, not sustainable, and it creates a truly horrible relationship between health and food. Clients tell us repeatedly that they did not know how much fun healthy eating could be. Yes, eating healthy and losing weight can be so much fun and, best of all, not feel like a chore. You need to be able to love your meals or eat out when you want to. In short, your weight loss program needs to be something that you can actually DO each day. Ask yourself, does this fit in with my day? Can I do this without feeling like my life is over? Does this make sense with my schedule? Will I enjoy this? Losing weight is an adjustment but should not be one that makes you miserable. Why? Because weight loss can and should become a pattern of healthy eating that can then be a simple part of your life moving forward to be sustainable. 

Learn the Why, Not Just The How

A set of instructions do not set you up for real weight loss success. More importantly, you deserve to understand the WHY behind the things you are doing because your health matters. It’s not a game, it’s your life. You need a program that will empower you to understand how your body works and what it needs to support your goals. Always ask why. When looking for a weight loss program that works, it should be teaching you how to make decisions for yourself instead of just being a set of instructions that can be confusing. With SlimGenics, our clients learn the basics of eating for their bodies and then making meals with foods they like. We have hundreds of recipes from our clients that include everything from pot pie to orange chicken and everything in between. Why? Because when you learn why, you can make any meal the way you like in a way that supports your goals now and well into the future. 

Address the Causes of Weight Gain

Far more important than the simple idea of losing weight, the key to creating long-term weight loss success is by addressing the unique factors that can contribute to weight gain in the first place. Our bodies are amazing machines that adapt amazingly well to continued imbalances but the first sign that something is off tends to be weight gain. Factors such as nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalances, gut health, inflammatory responses, and more can contribute to your body gaining weight. The best weight loss programs work to help individuals who struggle with weight determine these causes and/or imbalances to help you finally free yourself from having to struggle. Once your health is back on track, weight loss can become much more accessible and far more sustainable over time. 

Now that you know what to look for in a weight loss program, go forth and find the right program for your needs. Did you know that SlimGenics has affordable and effective weight-loss programs that already do all of these things? We offer flexible at-home programs to fit your lifestyle along with essential one-on-one weight loss support from experts to help you lose weight, achieve your goals and learn how to make healthy living a simple part of your life. 

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