SlimGenics Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

Since childhood, most of us have been told to eat fruits and vegetables for good health, and the science behind this thinking hasn’t changed over the years. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables daily is a necessary component of a nutritious food plan and for overall good health and wellness.

Let’s discuss the scientific benefits of delicious and colorful fruits and vegetables that make them essential to your overall health as well as your weight-loss and weight-management efforts.

Lower Blood Pressure

Research confirms that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces blood pressure significantly. Fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and may also lower your risk of heart disease. Fiber is essential for healthy digestion, detoxification and managing blood sugar levels.

Nutrient Dense

Fruits and vegetables contain important nutrients, including potassium, fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and more! These vital nutrients facilitate important functions such as, stabilizing energy levels, helping your bodily systems work optimally, assisting with detoxification, managing blood sugar levels and much more.

Contain Phytonutrients

Eating an assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables helps to lessen the phytonutrient gap, as different colors contain a variety of necessary phytonutrients to protect your health. The phytonutrients found in a particular fruit or vegetable varies based color, this is why it’s important to include a wide array of different colors and types of fruits and vegetables in your daily meal plan.

Prevent Overeating

Fruits and vegetables are teeming with healthy fiber, which keeps you feeling satisfied and will help to prevent overeating at other meals. To ensure you are receiving enough fiber daily, try Slim-Ensulate Essential Fiber Supplement, which will help manage blood sugar levels, keep you full longer and work to promote a natural detox in your body.

Aid in Weight Loss

Most vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories, and none contain cholesterol. This is essential for a healthy eating plan. Fill up on vegetables first, and then move on to other areas of your plate. SlimGenics recommends covering half of your food plate with vegetables.

Prevent Disease

Many fruits and vegetables contain powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can protect your body against many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Protect Vision

Many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that work to keep your eyes healthy and can prevent common age-related eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Lutein and zeaxanthin, in particular, have properties that protect against cataracts!

Provide Energy

Fruits and vegetables make great nutritious snacks and additions to meals as they are a natural source of energy and provide the body with the nutrients it needs to keep moving. Because studies confirm that many Americans are Vitamin B12 deficient; SlimGenics also recommends taking a high-quality B12 supplement, such as B-Slim Daily Essential Vitamin B12 + Folate to assist with boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue.

Easy to Eat

Vegetables and fruits are easy to prepare and most are delicious raw! If you do not like raw vegetables you may steam them or add them to many of your favorite recipes for soups, casseroles, salads, wraps and more! Sweet fruits are delicious on their own, in salads or a great substitute for desserts!

The proven benefits are more than enough reason to start incorporating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily eating plan. Choose from a wide selection of fruits and vegetables on your Integrated Food List and don’t be afraid to let you palate try new things!



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