Your Weight-Loss Support System

Your Weight-Loss Support System

When you decide to make your health and weight-loss journey all about you, results will follow. To be successful both in the short term and the long term, you must commit to yourself and put your goals first, that includes fostering a strong support system. This also means identifying “saboteurs” or the potential events, people and holidays that could derail your weight-loss efforts. Below are tips for you to navigate the pitfalls and plateaus that saboteurs may present.

Including the Family

Don’t feel discouraged if your spouse or children don’t want to be a part of your weight-loss journey. Keep stepping forward and know you are doing something positive and healthy for yourself. However, if they ask to be involved, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge and allow them to take part in your journey!

Lead by Example

Children will naturally follow your lead if you allow them to—be sure not to force them onto your plan, rather allow them to slowly embrace your healthier habits when they are ready. Invite them to try new foods and involve them in the preparation of healthy meals. By making it fun and inclusive, it won’t seem like you are forcing them into something they don’t want to do.

Hush the Naysayers

You will inevitably come into contact with one or more people who have an opinion about your new lifestyle and healthy habits. Some may even tease you for choosing grilled chicken instead of pizza or for declining a glass of wine during a night out. Learn to not allow negative feelings about your journey affect you. Simply change the subject or mention that your health is a priority to you.

Learn to Politely Say No

Most of us have been in a situation that involves having to say “no” to something we know isn’t good for us. Whether it’s turning down your grandmother’s famous potato salad at a family gathering or an offer for candy at the movie theater, it’s important to know how to decline. Just politely say, “No thank you, I’m not hungry” or bring out your own healthy Thermo-Snacks®choice and tell them you already have a snack. You can even offer to let them try your Thermo-Snack!

Prepare for Special Events

Events such as birthday parties, BBQs, sporting events are unavoidable. It’s important to have a plan in place to support yourself and your weight-loss efforts. Always have a Thermo-Snacks option or Thermo-Meals® Replacement Drink Mix on hand to avoid temptation. When attending an event based around food, eat beforehand and bring a dish you know you can enjoy. This way you ensure there is at least one on-plan option for you. Also be sure to take your Alpha-Slim™ Crave Blockers, which will assist with reducing cravings, decreasing hunger and increasing fat burning.


These types of events are supposed to be a way to connect with friends and family. Instead of focusing on the food, be sure to take ample time to speak with people at the event and enjoy your time socializing! Drink plenty of water, bring your Thermo-Boost® and eat breakfast the day of the event to help you avoid deviations and overeating.

Taking care of your health and your weight-loss journey is the most important thing to keep in mind. The first step in avoiding saboteurs is to have a plan, be conscious and prepared with healthy snacks, Thermo-Boost and Nutritional Supplements.


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