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113 lbs lost
"I feel great! I have lots of energy. I feel good about myself. I can smile. "
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Ken C.'s Story

I used to feel tired, depressed at times, I had no energy. I wasn’t able to keep up with my kids and my five grandsons. I did not feel good about myself. I wanted my life and health back. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to be physically active with my kids and grandkids. I wanted to be able to hunt in the high country. I was surprised that the weight came off as quick and as easy as it did. I was able to stay on plan in all circumstances such as social events and travel. Now I feel great! I have lots of energy and a positive attitude. I feel good about myself and I can smile!

*Individual results may vary. Participants who follow a reduced-calorie high-protein program like SlimGenics can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Program pricing, offers and duration may vary based on package purchased.

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