B-Slim™ Daily Essential Vitamin B12 + Folate

If you are in the same category as many Americans, you are B-12 deficient. The support of B-Slim Vitamin B12 plus FolateTM is the perfect solution to provide your body with adequate B-12 levels. Vitamin B12 facilitates protein and fat metabolism for increased energy and more efficient weight loss. B-12 also supports the body in maintaining healthy DNA with its powerful anti-aging effect. A daily dose of this delicious cherry-flavored tablet will assist with a decrease in B-12 deficiency symptoms such as fatigue, depression, poor short-term memory, constipation and anemia. Support your daily nutritional plan with B-Slim Vitamin B-12 with Folate, a daily dose is easier and less painful than weekly or monthly injections. Take in conjunction with Slim-Assist and Slim-Ensulate for additional support with balancing weight-related hormones and boosting your metabolism to experience optimal weight-loss results. Purchase B-Slim today!

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