Slim-Repair™ Detox Shake

Slim-Repair® is a clean, vegan, gluten-free, medical-grade detox shake clinically proven to facilitate liver, intestine and kidney function. Designed to promote and accelerate weight loss and detoxification, this pleasant-tasting, unique supplement shake also helps prevent or break through stubborn plateaus. Slim-Repair is recommended at the start of your weight-loss journey, as a substitute for a Thermo-Snack, every 6 weeks during weight loss and every 8 to 12 weeks once you are maintaining your weight loss. Slim-Repair contains easily digested, vegetarian protein with amino acids and is free of any common allergens. The vitamins and minerals found in Slim-Repair facilitate a healthy electrolyte balance and provide nutrients that nourish the bowel. Slim-Repair helps to improve energy, reduce fatigue and inflammation and reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with weight loss such as headaches and nausea. Whether you are just beginning to lose weight, want to break a stubborn plateau or are looking to cleanse and detoxify bodily systems while managing your weight, the key ingredients in Slim-Repair will provide the nutrients your body needs to help you achieve healthy weight-loss and weight-management success. Start your path to wellness today with Slim-Repair!

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