SlimGenics Presents Insights with Dr. Jones, Ph.D.: A Successful Weight Loss Program

What makes SlimGenics clients successful? Dr. Dennis Jones, Ph.D., talks with SlimGenics Program Director Kim C. about why the support and science SlimGenics offers is superior...and leads to weight loss success! SlimGenics is proud of our association with Dr. Dennis Jones, Ph.D., a nutritionist and pharmacognosist in Montreal, Quebec, where he currently is Vice President, Scientific Affairs, of Bariatrix International. Dr. Jones was the first researcher to discover the unique properties of certain compounds in Citrus aurantium, better known as Bitter or Seville Orange. These compounds increase the metabolic rate and help the body both to burn fat and to build lean muscle mass. These are the fundamental ingredients found in SlimGenics proprietary Metabolizer Herbs. Dr. Jones earned his Doctorate in Nutritional Pathology and Histochemistry from the University of Cambridge, England.

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